Hosting & Licensing


Want a robust, out-of-the-box, SaaS solution? Simply subscribe to licenses and let Cherwell Software provide convenient, secure hosting. You also have the option to host on-premises or at your preferred data center. Cherwell Software allows for complete portability – you may change your hosting environment at any time. With Cherwell Software, you can subscribe to concurrent licenses on a pay-as-you go model or take advantage of your capital budget and purchase perpetual licenses.

Our Cherwell service management solution provides an array of flexible options when comes to licensing. Unlike fixed or named licenses, we offer a unique concurrent licensing model which can be shared among different users. Whether it is an on-premise or SaaS-based deployment, you may get access to concurrent licenses with a flexibility to choose perpetual licenses or pay-as-you-go subscription model.

We practice simple, flexible and transparent licensing model. With Cherwell’s unique licensing model, the clients may charge only for the licenses which are used to work on the application. Moreover, your customers never need a license to access self-service portal and neither do your administrator nor your business users may require extra licenses if they use Cherwell only for managing and viewing dashboard and reports.